The Cade Altar Box

The Cade Altar box is a small gift given to you that is intended to help you deepen your worship experience while we worship at home. We recognize some of the challenges associated with worshipping virtually and pray that the Let’s Go to Church series over the next month will help you to move from watching us to more deeply connecting with God and encountering the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

In each service, we will focus on some of the fundamentals of worship by incorporating symbols found in the bible that point to the prerequisites for experiencing God’s presence. These symbols will serve as visual cues to help focus your attention and draw you into the sacred spaces where you hear the voice of God. The symbols used this month include water, light, and oil. Each altar box contains three items that will be highlighted through scripture teaching and you will be invited to explore how God has revealed Himself and His will through its application.

One note of caution. It is important that we remember that while each of these is a powerful symbol to help connect you more deeply in your relationship with God, that none of them have power in and of themselves. The power is completey in the saving and redemptive blood of Jesus Christ who is in fact the fullness of all that these symbols represent. Let there be no confusion in our theology. Jesus gives us a better covenant that fulfills all Old Testament ordinances and regulations relative to worship (Hebrews 9:11-14). Jesus completes all that these symbols were intended to convey to early worshippers of God. Our use of them is to remind us of

how Christ completes our relationship with God and to open our hearts to the fresh revelation of His Word. Each week this month, we will update this

page with new teaching to guide you in the use of each element contained in the box. With the word of God guiding and the Holy Spirit revealing, we

pray that you will draw closer to God through deeper and more sacred worship.

Altar Box Contents:

1. Small Acrylic Jar

2. Tea Candle

3. Vial of Oil